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Annual Preventative Maintenance

The U.S. Department of Energy states that 54% of your utility bills go to heating and cooling your home. Not maintaining your AC unit can lead to it running inefficiently, adding to your electric bills, decrease the life of your system and leave your system vulnerable to a breakdown on those days when you need it most. An annual maintenance can improve your equipment's performance and keep it operating to manufacturer specifications.  Our technicians can catch problems for our customers to avoid damage and expenses later.


Spring/Summer Maintenance

Check refrigerant levels, inspect disconnect, tighten electrical connections, inspect fuses, test amps to motors, test voltages, inspect capacitors, inspect filters, inspect coils, measure temperature differentials, check air flow, oil serviceable motors, clear condensate lines, and much more! 

Fall/Winter Maintenance

Inspect gas valve, clean & inspect control boards, check combustion air, inspect burner operation, inspect heat exchanger if visible, check amps and check voltage, inspect capacitors, inspect filters, measure temperature differential, check air flow, perform carbon monoxide test, check defrost controls (heat pumps only), oil serviceable motors and much more!


Service Agreements


We offer Service Agreements for our customers to help keep their AC equipment maintained and give them discounts. 1st AirCo will provide two regularly scheduled maintenances on your heating & cooling system(s) per year(s). Benefits and discounts include...​   

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One free service call if unit breaks down, a $95.00 value!

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One year warranty on parts and labor repair work.

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Priority response ahead of non-members.

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5% off New Air Conditioning Systems Installed!

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10% off on all repairs to AC unit!

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Agreement will satisfy maintenance requirement for extended warranties. 

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